JCC Properties is a fast-growing Real Estate company with a lean, entrepreneurial core. Started as a Real Estate agency, the company has now grown with interests in other areas of the Real Estate value chain. Our current year over year growth rate stands at over 100%. What’s our success based on? Just four simple words.

Creativity – “The will to create is encoded in the human DNA. And creation is the essence of entrepreneurship” – Reid Hoffman. Creativity is a key component of our DNA and it’s our firm belief that it can be applied to anything from building design to project financing. Every challenge for us is an opportunity to learn, adapt and ultimately find solutions to benefit our customers

Customer-centrism – We know you’ve heard it a thousand times but for us, “The customer truly comes first”. We’re constantly on the lookout to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and our experience has time after time reinforced another oft-said quote that “the customer doesn’t care how much you know, till they know how much you care”

Professionalism – At JCC Properties, we assume a number of legal and ethical obligations as part of our role in the lease, sales, purchases, development or investment of property.  We maintain a clear focus on promoting and protecting our clients’ interests, avoiding any conflicts of interest, being transparent and honest with all parties involved, using maximum care and due-diligence in all their actions, and maintaining discretion and confidentiality in all matters

Detailed – We devote time to pay attention to details because it’s worth it. We have found that by taking time with this, we prevent problems, save our clients time, money and resources and sometimes even find new opportunities for them to take advantage of.