A traffic-free drive from VGC through VI to Ikeja at 9am on a Monday morning? That’s what working with us feels like

We know finding the right property can be just as aggravating as Lagos traffic. Let’s help ease your stress and connect you with solutions where there appears to be none

Project Development

At JCC Properties, we see Real Estate differently. We love homes that can breathe, brick and mortar with a vibrant soul, and spaces where enriching, soothing conversations can still be had on a hot afternoon. Well aware of the growing housing deficit, our focus goes beyond just meeting our primary need for shelter to also satisfying our craving for warmth and our innate attraction to aesthetics

Our expertise runs the gamut from purchasing land to determining the marketing of the property asset to developing the building program and design to obtaining the necessary public approval and financing, and to building or working with other development teams to build housing projects in sync with our ethos. In essence, we imagine, create, control, and orchestrate the process of development from the beginning to end.

Investment & Portfolio Management

Many investors considering Real estate are unsure of how best to proceed. We provide value to clients by ensuring the most efficient use of investor capital, and by keeping clients informed through superior performance measurement, and cash flow forecasting

At JCC Properties, we use a results-driven approach, coupled with innovative and pro-active asset management for the greatest possible return to our clients while pursuing a dynamic and measured strategy in the acquisition and management of projects. Our business is based on delivering superior investment performance to our Clients through the sourcing and structuring of various investment options.